Is Pamac a Snap?

I installed EOS on my main computer. I use the terminal for installing and building but I like browsing through Pamac to see what’s available.
I installed it using yay -S pamac (didnt use pamac-aur, I used pamac-all). I noticed during installation it kept referencing to a “snapd”. Does that mean Pamac was installed as a Snap?
I don’t like using Snaps on my system.

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The package pamac-all includes support for installing flatpaks and snaps.

Because of this, it has snapd as a dependency.

If you don’t want that, install one of the other pamac’s from AUR.


To add to what @dalto said: Pamac is not a snap package, itself.


Can I remove the snap option from the software availability or should I just install pamac-aur-git?

Just install one of the other ones.

DO I need to remove this one or will pamac-aur-git write over it?

When you install the new one it will ask to remove the old one because they both provide pamac

After that you can remove snapd


I assume I have to use yay to remove snapd. Is the remove command the same as pacman?

ok, I removed it using yay -Rns snapd, it looks like it worked


Yes, the command to remove a package is the same.

As a side note, once a package is installed, pacman can remove it. However, pacman cannot install or update packages from the AUR.

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hello ,why don’t you delete snapd directly with pamac-aur or pamac-aur-git ???

I wasn’t sure If that would work so I used yay after installing pamac-aur-git which asked me to erase the old one but I had 3 files that remained including snapd. I prefer using the terminal.

Why on earth do you need Pamac then? :rofl:

To browse software as I said in the first post.

So even though I installed pamac-aur-git & removed pamac-aur i still have snapd, that correct?

No. It only comes with pamac-all

Only you know the answer to that question. To find out:

pacman -Q snapd

error: package ‘snapd’ was not found