Is Microsoft Sabotaging KDE from Within?

Again, what you are referring to sounds like bugs, not sabotage.

The first step, is to review the commits. Until that is done it is just meaningless FUD.


Really? Do you know exactly what the microcode in your CPU does? Are you sure there’s no (real) spyware hidden in your drives firmware? Are you 100% certain that the Bios/UEFI does not contain a backdoor?


More like 100% sure it does, along with Intel ME or same AMD crap. :rofl:

P.S. Which is horrible, just to be clear :male_detective:


Hi all. I’m a new forum user and just as a request… if this thread remains open could a moderator edit the title to make clear that this is mere paranoid nonsense? Because I hadn’t seen this thread, went “wait, what?”, and then wasted 5 minutes before noticing this was complete bullshit. Never going to get that time back again…


I definitely understand your point. I think a user has to read more than just the title to get a clearer understanding of the issue related to the title of the post. I find a lot of posts lack clarity in both the title and or the post. Not sure that can be fixed. Some people just don’t know how to explain in simple terms what they are trying to get across. Other posts sometimes are just rants. :man_shrugging:

I agree it can be a total waste of ones time.

Well, but I even did; specifically the Ogg Vorbis thing sounded like something I wanted to pay attention to, but when I then did it turned out nonsense; any issue to be merely poster’s own, private issue. Same it seems for the “Alliance for Open Media” thing which makes the post 100% misinformation.

And yes, sure, obviously it reads as though it is to anyone even somewhat familiar with free-software zealots – whom, interestingly, used to long ago be more common on the Debian side but which I haven’t in fact seen there after having just begrudgingly spent close to 8 years there – but something like that Ogg Vorbis thing still made me waste some time investigating this bullshit since that’s important to me.

I of course know that misinformation is the fuel of the internet – and/but I wouldn’t be one complaining if a support forum for a relatively technical Linux distribution took it upon itself to, say, edit the title of this thread to append “[ANSWER: No]” or alike.

I understand what you are saying. This post is in the lounge which falls under this guide for the forum.

Fair enough. I’m also new-ish to discourse forums and the thing I up to now most seriously dislike about them is how they seem to be default mix all posts onto the frontpage, i.e., how they make ignoring an e.g. “lounge” or that “pub” thing that you have going here non-default.

I’ll stop complaining though and will assume I’ve now at least potentially helped others not waste the same time on this thread that I did…

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Excuse me, but SOURCE PLEASE?!!
User feedback is disabled by default, at least on Arch Linux. Also KDE Plasma having a similar layout and features compared to Windows is not a bad thing at all. AVIF is working here but someone reported that they had lost AVIF functionality.
EDIT: Do you have libavif installed? It is an optional dependency.

sudo pacman -S --needed libavif

Dear @sonic

you seem to have a serious problem with Microsoft. I do not know why, but you should rethink your attitude.

This is a quote from Steve Ballmer from 2001! That was 21 years ago. Get over it. Times haved changed. In the meantime Microsoft has very much embraced Linux and open source. They have a big value stream with Linux in the Azure cloud with Linux being the most important OS in Azure cloud.

Quote: “more than 50 percent of all Azure compute cores are Linux”

You are basically accusing Microsoft to deliberately introduce bugs to KDE software. Or at least you are spreading that rumor. From your point of view: Is that just a KDE issue or is Microsoft doing this also for the kernel or gnome or xfce? Why would they only want to do it for KDE? This is a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

Sure, it’s just THE most dangerous company for your proprietary hardware spyware now, nothing to see here… :rofl:


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This is off topic. Unless Microsoft bashing is the topic.

Tangential maybe, but really that’s a biggest problem ever, much bigger than software.
You can’t realistically opt-out from any mainstream processor manufacturer ever made…

There’s no point in “bashing” M$, since they bash themselves for everyone to see :laughing:

Just wait until they find out that Microsoft is the number one donor to the Linux foundation. . .

Or that they own GitHub . . .

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I’ve got you beat. Bender is 100% tin foil. No hat needed.


Go all in with the latest Tinfoil Fashion:


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But you literally have an antenna on your head :joy:


OK, I think this has gone sufficiently off-track at this point that it makes sense to close it.