Is KDE confusing?

I have been using KDE for a weeks now and it is pretty ok but I find some things very confusing:

  • I see software and discover to install apps. I cannot uninstall weather, music or videos via software and discover shows web as not yet installed while it is installed.

Minor issue I have is that sometimes the password is not recognized upon login.

It is very beautiful though.

The use of Discover on Arch(-based) systems is not recommended.

Please see the following post for explanation:

Also refer to these articles for package management:


stuff like “weather” is a widget, not an uninstallable “app” as such. So it gets removed as a widget, not as an app.

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Is this a “pure” KDE Plasma system or have you added “KDE” to an existing desktop environment?

It sounds like you maybe have installed both pamac and discover. Neither of these are installed by default in EndeavourOS.

Discover, in it’s default state, is perfectly safe to use as it will manage plasma components and flatpaks. It only becomes problematic if you also install packagekit-qt5. In truth, it isn’t Discover that is really the problem, it is PackageKit itself.

Are you talking about the widgets? They are probably installed by a package which is why Discover doesn’t show them as installed. They are probably part of the package kdeplasma-addons but removing that will remove other widgets/plasmoids as well.

There really isn’t much reason to actually uninstall those. They don’t run unless you use them and the take up very little disk space.


Eos doesn’t include discover.


added so I think indeed there is some conflicting software. I might reinstall today as /home and / are separate partitions anyway.

thanks! In the meantime I uninstalled all de’s present apart from Gnome and only Music remains as well as org.gnome.Software which does not seem to work but does not bother me as I use yay in terminal.

Is KDE confusing?

No, not at all. You only need to understand a few very simple concepts: qdbus, Activities (and how they differ from virtual desktops), Window Rules and the difference between Special Window and Special Application Settings, Kate Sessions, Konsole profiles, how widgets are installed… You also need to know not to use Discover on Arch, and to be able to navigate the labyrinth that is System Settings.

Other than that, it couldn’t be easier! :rofl:


… and do never try to understand the way it creates config files … simply confess :laughing: :parasol_on_ground:


I don’t even understand this and i find KDE very simple. I don’t mess with stuff! It’s that simple. I don’t try to change it into something else. It’s Kde Plasma…what more do you need! Install it use it! :wink:


It’s pretty simple really



There should be no problem if you have used to navigate Windows 11 settings :stuck_out_tongue:

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You just have to attend KDE Academy.


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Ya… that one.

You don’t really need to fiddle much with KDE to look good. Just do this below and you are good to go.

:wink: :smile:

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The following question comes to mind: Why is after an EOS Plasma reinstallation always first the dead starter link at the bottom of the bar? This seems somehow unclean for newcomers.

Because it is part of the plasma defaults. We have been discussing the best way to address this in future releases.

It was also just a thought …