Is it safe to click on the close button in calamares and then choose no while the system is being installed?

Well, the question might sound a bit odd but is it safe that during installation of EndeavourOS, you click on the close button on calamares and then choose no?
I did that twice, lol.
Just want to know if everything would have successfully installed.

No idea. Did it? That’s an odd thing to do.

If the process went through without any further hiccups then it is alright. Otherwise you would have gotten some error messages in the terminal output.

If there were no errors and there is a cancel or a close button because you can use it. But you won’t be able to use or boot into the system. OTher than that canceling mid install is ok.

If you exit mid install, system won’t be bootable (of course).

You may need to format partition before installing a distro again. (I sometimes require it with Vbox, otherwise the disk module takes ages to load)

There’s no “harm” to your hardware :slightly_smiling_face:

that’s science… doing possible things only by the reason they exist … but i think that till you do not click OK on the popup install process will run forward, it is a second warning only to not accidentally click aborting install…

But indeed me never try to do so… i will do now :wink:

So yes it is working as it should… as long as you do not validate from the popup install proceeding normaly…

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