Is it possible to move home to a second hard disk?

I recently added a 480GB SSD (2.5 inch) to the m2 (120GB) of my Asus PN50.
To “increase” the capacity of the home I followed the same procedure that I followed on the laptop (on which I had installed Endeavour for quite a while). To be exact, this guide this thread on italian Linux Mint forum that had worked perfectly.
The problem this time is that it gives me a strange dialog whenever I move a file to a folder on the external ssd where there are the original “documents”, “images” and “videos” folders (while in the home of the links to them).
The issue is that the automount is OK, apart from this dialog.
I go to check, and it gives me that it’s readable and writable by root and user, but compared to the other case (on the laptop) the disk owner doesn’t give me user (“omar”) but root.

I’m asking if moving the home directly maybe this problem (minor, but having to hit “ignore” in that dialog box every time a file is moved is a bit of an annoyance.

Or, could it be due to formatting? On the laptop, where everything goes well, it’s in EXT4 while on the hard drive it’s in ExFAT.

Yes, exfat doesn’t support POSIX permissions. Putting your entire /home on exfat is not really a good idea.

The permissions are probably fairly broken at this point. Make sure you reset them after reformatting and recopying.

Also, I can’t read the Italian that surrounds that “tutorial” you followed but recursively setting permissions to 777 is rarely a good idea. Especially if that folder had files in it. It will make every file executable.

In that HDD there are only images, documents and videos… so the permissions thing is not an issue.

Anyway, just saying, all you had to do to see the link was google translate. I’m using it to write and read on this forum.

Those can be in exfat if you need them to be available to other operating systems but in that case you will need to mount that partition with exfat specific options to set the permissions correctly.

So I just “empty” it and reformat in EXT4?

That would probably be the best solution.

After you copy the data back, I would reset the permissions.

sudo chown -R omar:omar /mnt/esterno
find /mnt/esterno -type f -exec chmod 660 {} \;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
find /mnt/esterno -type d -exec chmod 770 {} \;  
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Just for info, you can always post under #endeavouros-united

I reformatted to ext4… Now everything is OK. Thank you.