Is it possible to make old installed system match new release

I understand that Endeavouros is roling release, therefore you are always up to date. My question is about another thing.
As I understand new releases add some new default packages that Calamares installs, like firewall or that Endev I unstalled on my other pc now shows Dracut messages while updating kernel.
So my question is it possible to match fresh system installed packages to old system installed like two years ago? Is it possible to see which packages are installed in new releases by default?

You can run pacman -Qi which would list everything you have on your system.

Do you want to install new stuff on an old system is that what you want? But you don’t have things like dracut that will get installed by default. But if you want to switch out puls audio for pipwire then you have to remove the puls audio packages and install pipwire. But I think these things also get updated accordingly to upstream changes.