Is it possible to limit CPU, so the Fan can be disabled?


a few Month ago i bought me a used Thinkpad T14 G1 with AMD 4650U CPU. Overall i like the machine, everything works fine using EndeavourOS with KDE Plasma 6.

But it could be a little bit more silent, though. I’m using the Laptop only for easy tasks, like browsing internet, watching videos and doing some light office stuff.

So i ask myself, maybe it is possible to limit the cpu to a level, that the fan could be disabled?

I wouldn’t recommend disabling the fan altogether but you could throttle it down to the point where it wouldn’t come on very easily.

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Have a look at cpupower:

You would need then disable/mask power-profiles-daemon which is used by default.

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yes, that would be great. some guys on reddit recommend TLP. Is that the slickest way to do it?

ok, thanks, i’ll look into it.

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