Is it possible to hide the bootup flyby text? EOS Plasma

I should put a “Quiet Splash” on a text file which will put an end to the obnoxious boot text I see every time I open or close EOS. I know this file exists somewhere but it’s definitely not grub… Please help me. Thank you…

You can accomplish this through kernel parameters. How you set them depends on the bootloader in use.

If you are not using Grub you are probably using systemd-boot. You can add kernel parameters with systemd-boot by following the guidance in this article:

To make the changes, instead of modifying the entries, modify the file /etc/kernel/cmdline which is a one-line file containing a list of kernel options. Then run sudo reinstall-kernels which will populate the entries and regenerate the initrds.

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Thanks, your suggestion was a solution. Finally all those writings went away by magic! Again many thanks!

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