Is it possible to copy paste files using mouse?

I know this might sound like a really dumb question… but despite watching numerous ytb vids, googling, and reading forum posts I couldn’t find answer to my questions.

I’m quite new to Linux. Recently I switched from Windows to Linux Mint MATE and configured everything I need there. Now I want to try an Arch based distribution.

I have two questions about EndeavourOS:

  1. Is it possible to copy-paste files with a mouse?
  2. Is it possible to navigate the file system using the mouse like in Windows?

My understanding is the answer is negative to both questions. Could anybody clarify?

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If you open a file manager you can copy/cut/paste files with the mouse and browse the filesystem as much as you want.

Of course, it depends which DE/WM you choose to install but certainly the ability to use a mouse is still present. For example, if you like mate, you can certainly choose that when you are installing.


I’m not familiar with MATE so I’m not sure what file manager they use. But, in GNOME, KDE Plasma, and XFCE file managers I’ve yet to use one that doesn’t have GUI file managers that are similar to, or much better, than a File Explorer from Windows.


Why not try it? If you use xfce from the default install your desktop is almost similar to windows, it should be pretty intuitive opening the file manager icon. Endeavour is is terminal centric, in that many things can be managed via terminal, which is much faster for certain things, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come with a file manager etc.

Welcome to the forum!


The answer is yes, in all desktop environments, even in MATE. Using the File Manager, behavior is identical to Windows or MacOS.