Is it possible to add custom links to the Whisker menu?

I’m specifically interested in adding folders (downloads, music, etc.) to the favorites section so I can just click straight to them without opening Nemo or Thunar first

Have not been using Xfce for a good while so I am not sure if that would be possible or not.
But as an alternative, you could use a panel plugin which can do what you have in mind, I think:

It’s in AUR:

yay -Si xfce4-places-plugin 
:: Querying AUR...
Repository      : aur
Name            : xfce4-places-plugin
Keywords        : None
Version         : 1.8.1-1
Description     : Places menu plugin for the Xfce panel
URL             :
AUR URL         :
Groups          : None
Licenses        : GPL2
Provides        : None
Depends On      : libnotify  xfce4-panel
Make Deps       : intltool
Check Deps      : None
Optional Deps   : None
Conflicts With  : None
Maintainer      : jskier
Votes           : 93
Popularity      : 0.000000
First Submitted : Sat 13 Feb 2010 12:27:48 PM CET
Last Modified   : Mon 12 Aug 2019 04:44:16 PM CEST
Out-of-date     : No

To add a link to e. g. “Music”, do the following

  • Run the following from the terminal
sh -c '
cat > ~/.local/share/applications/open-music-folder.desktop <<- "EOF"
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Open Music Folder
Exec=xdg-open Music

This will create a new menu entry called “Open Music Folder” in the “Other” category.
Just right click on it and choose “Add to Favorites”.


Great. I’ll try that next time I’m on XFCE

Hey, that worked. So if I want to do it with any other folder, I just put the name of whatever folder it is instead of “music”?

Edit: I tried it with my work folder and it worked.

It only saves me one extra click but I had gotten so used to it with the arc menu extension on Gnome. Thanks a lot


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