Is It Just Me?

I think as you say, pointing someone in the direction of an article or link, is helpful. I’ve done it myself, pointing users to a Wiki article specific to their hardware (which I’m unable to offer any advice from direct experience).

This is different though, to possessing knowledge or knowing of where knowledge exists, but withholding it to instead tell the beginner to “find it yourself” (eg: “use the search”). Those sorts of comments contribute nothing to anything.


@pebcak I wouldn’t try follow my logic right now


This is one of the reasons why I switched to NixOS because when I posted an issue here I never got an answer within five minutes and every time someone did answer they asked me to post log files and other complicated stuff I don’t understand and don’t see the need for sharing. :wink: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That information is normally asked to help rule out firmware/hardware issues

I was being sarcastic, I know the reasons lol :laughing:

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Others might not though


I know, that was the point of my sarcastic response because how I replied is somewhat I see happening on different forums with new to Linux users.


I was making a joke by using sarcasm in my response. I know exactly what you are talking about and I agree 100% with you :slight_smile: I So please don’t lynch me for making a joke :purple_heart: :enos_flag: (White flag).

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I wasn’t making a joke about having switched from Arch to NixOS but I’m still around for the community here.


It’s all in your head, there all Windows 11 users. :laughing:


I find a lot of users looking for answers to issues unrelated to EOS. Some of it related to gaming platforms or other software which is not EOS specific. Some of it is fine but some of it goes way beyond the intention of the forum to provide assistance with EOS specific issues. :person_shrugging:


this and similar I try point off platform to protondb etc

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Yes! These and anything related to monitors I usually mute (I have only every used a laptop with the one laptop screen on Linux).

Or, like @smokey said, I point them to where they should be looking for info and fixes. There are some art/design related ones that I will help with though since that’s my actual field of expertise.

They take a hardline stance against people asking for help because they’re elitists, not because of trolls. I’ve been labeled a help vampire there and then permanently banned.

I wasn’t a help vampire, I was just new. Sometimes people will ask for help about the same things because they just don’t know what terms to even use to search for solutions, besides search engines have been getting kinda crappy as of late, i rarely find answers there to any of my problems anymore. Sometimes the answer is surrounded by so much text about other shit that isn’t relevant to you that you just can’t see it (that happens to me a lot actually, I skim the 3000 words that seem to have nothing to do with what i’m searching for and in doing so miss the 20 words that told me what i needed to know)

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It’s absolutely not because they are elitists LOL. It’s because they expect that you’ve installed your system, and that you’ve done the research prior to asking for help. They have a fantastic wiki. They expect youto use it. They have a search function. They expect you to use it.

Being new doesn’t excuse anything unfortunately.

As you’ve noted, it was answered, and you didn’t find it.

Arch is absoutely not a bunch of a elitists. If you’ve been banned and labeled as a help vampire, I would say that is almost 100% true. They know, they deal with exponentially more than we do here, and have been doing it for many many times longer than here. It’s a tough one for you to swallow I’m sure because you probably didn’t mean to be. Sometimes we are things we don’t try to be though. They’ve had to take a hardline stance because of experience.


They are infamous for being elitist for a reason dude. Let’s just say we disagree on that.

As for why I was labeled a help vampire, i came fresh from windows almost straight to arch, and i’ve always been rather strongly leaning into the power user category, i like tinkering, tweaking and trying to improve my system, trying new things, etc. I’m sure you can imagine how someone like that would get labeled a help vampire; they’d run into a lot of problems, not really know the lingo so struggle to find answers through websearch, meaning they end up asking a lot of questions.

I have a friend who I’m constantly berating for help vampire like behavior, but he’s not a help vampire, he’s just not savvy with this stuff like, well like us. You wouldn’t call your grandpa a help vampire for needing to be told a dozen times how to open an email or have how to operate a smart tv explained to them like 20 times would you? Well he’s more like that.

I wasn’t like that though, I was just learning absolutely everything from scratch starting from zero having no knowledge beyond windows. The gentoo community where i started was welcoming and helped me a lot, the arch community was basically passive aggressive from the first question I asked there until i had enough of it and called someone out for it and got permabanned for it. Was I asking questions that had been asked before? Well it happened for sure, like i said i didn’t know the lingo, so my search terms were frequently off and i couldn’t find solutions, like a baby that wanted a coca cola but didn’t know the word to describe it so would just ask for the black thing you know?

I wasn’t asking the same question twice though, and I was actually learning a lot, I learned a lot from the arch community in the short time they had me, but one of the things i learned first was that they’re elitist af. Maybe that’s changed, but by the sound of it, it really hasn’t. They didn’t give me time to grow into the linux user I am now, they expected me to be born the way i am after 10 years of linux use.

You can put some pretty words around it, like “experience” or whatever, but it’s elitism when they expect everyone else to have said experience too from day one.

Now i’m not just reading the archwiki, i’m contributing to it, but one of the main reasons i’ll never use baseline arch is that while i could just make an alternate account, I just don’t want to join that community again with my bad impression of it. Sure, they’d accept me with open arms now, but if they didn’t want me as a newb, then what the hell is their community for anyways.

They haven’t, and they still aren’t. :rofl:

Sorry man, it’s just hard for you to admit, that’s all.

It isn’t, I never asked a question without at least a websearch first.

Wanna know why?

It’d be a waste of time, if you can find an answer with a quick websearch then that’ll only save you time. It’s easy to forget sometimes when you’ve gotten your computing experience nailed down and you’re never learning new things how confusing things can be when you’re new to something.

And it’s easy to label others help vampires or just intellectually challenged when they are struggling to learn how to use a basic terminal whlie forgetting that it took you weeks to just get your foot in the door to learn to use blender or when you were learning to use photoshop and you wanted to do a specific thing but you didn’t know what the act was called or what tool you might be able to do it with out of the hundreds of available tools most of which quite complex…

People pick different things up at different speeds man. I can learn a new scripting language in a day and i can hop between different 3D game engines and play around like i was practically born in them (i’m actually shocked at how easy that’s been for me).

But it still took me months to become a passable driver and learn the traffic laws. Since that clearly isn’t where my talents lie.

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