Is It Just Me?

Is it just me, or am I seeing several troll posts lately? They ask for help with an issue, ignore suggestions, being kinda rude or abrasive, then abruptly “leaving” for Ubuntu or Manjaro.

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Nope, it’s not just you. Trolls and help vampires only get worse as a distro gets bigger and more popular. It’s why Arch for instance takes such a hard line in the ground stance against such things. They don’t have anything better to do.

The forum will get more and more. Plus side, it’ll help get the forum feeling busy again. It’s been a lot quieter than it was the last few years.


Probably just wanted to find out why EndeavourOS is the top used Arch distro. Or jealous of that fact.

Either way, good riddance.
→ But only if they stay with Linux. Because the ones who are going back to Windows are going to spread propaganda that Linux is bad, software on Linux is bad, blah blah.

I know not everyone wants this, but I want Linux to grow, to become a real competitor, to one day be the standard, to be the backbone of a future where everything is open-source, and customer service is what determines what people use. I want to be able to use the best app available on the planet, rather than the best app available on Linux. And by “best app” I mean in my opinion and for my workflow.

But the ones who are just trolling, or are frustrated with how real Arch works, can insert your preferred word here off.

PS: Oh wow… This was kinda long. I apologise. :grimacing:


I haven’t noticed :blush:


I just ignore it. :rofl:


You couldnt be talking about me as I havent left for another os. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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This is why I don’t reply to most posts. I used to. Answers to most problems are just a forum search away.

These are public forums, and there will be many types of people. We can only identify and avoid them or kick them from the forum.


I definitely noticed that, for a few weeks at least now

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It comes and goes in waves

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The waves are rather big lately.

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I admit, I’ve only really become a bit more active recently, so I probably don’t have the history here many of you have.

I can speak from experience though, the Arch support channels in my experience, have not been a welcoming environment. I don’t think that’s a particularly controversial statement :sweat_smile:

If these Endeavour OS forums are to remain welcoming by contrast, then I think it’s important patience and encouraging persistence prevails. Posts that go unanswered except for comments like, “use the search function”, or “read the man page”, are not in the spirit of sharing and community.

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Yer it happens, what I do is exactly the same, they’re annoying but part of the net


I’m not seeing that here in the EndeavourOS Forums. Perhaps in the recent troll-like posts there have been snarky comments. But that’s been after rudeness, EOS bashing, or unrealistic expectations on behalf of the topic poster.

Oh I agree totally. I guess what I’m noting is that how we handle nuisance posts such as those mentioned, could potentially lead to becoming jaded… like the Arch forums.

I think the difference here is that on the Arch User Forums, just about every post gets handled that way. Comments like “use the search function”, or “read the man page”, “read the Arch Wiki” are on virtually any thread/post there (unless you’re a tenured regular). It is NOT like that here.

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I can normally tell by looking at a post and judge it that way, sometimes it will seem like a troll and just be someone unsure how to use basic tools on their PC, you can normally discern in a post or 2 if they generally need help or not

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I can be quite abrasive, so I only read the posts that interest me (sadly, yes). Otherwise, I’m likely to get banned :wink:


The fact that EnOS holds the hands of the future users in the process of installing the OS doesn’t mean that the forum members offering help on their free time and voluntarily should keep doing so post-install.

If it is done in a kind and respecting tone, I don’t see anything wrong with replying, please see “link” or please read “this” if the solution is basically copying and pasting from “link” or “this”.

This won’t imply that the helper would withdraw from helping further if the user having issues is indeed in need of further assistance.

Arch and by extension Arch-based are DIY distros and the sooner the new to Linux and Arch users get up on their feet and start walking by their own the better for them.


most places pointed to aren’t links but I get the jest of it

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I get it now

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