Is gaming worthless?


If it is gaming or movies or drugs or whatever other thing someone does as a leisure activity, if the person doing the activity is themselves miserable, lazy, uncaring for themselves, etc. they will go deep into it and forget about the real world. Is the issue of the leisure activity or the issue of the individual themselves?

This entire quote completely dismisses the work of small teams and solo developers with zero funding from big corporate, creating games that are fun, engaging, that provide people with real enjoyment and that push forward the industry. As I said, people that are miserable would be miserable either way. Why are they miserable is another topic that unravels into many different things. I’m here to answer if gaming is worthless, as your entire quote on the original post heavily suggestions.

To completely dismiss a leisure activity, an artistic medium (Yes, I do believe games are an artistic medium) and emerging sport(s) just because companies are being companies and some people use it for escapism is, honestly, childish in my view. Perhaps I’m writing your comment wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time, which is why I made this thread. I wanna see if there are people here that believe gaming is worthless.


I totally agree with this, as anything can be used as an escape to a person. Depending on what that escape is will depend on the person and their personality. Some people will use work as an escape, others alcohol, others food and the list can go on.

The original post is just tin foil stuff. Personally think there’s nothing to debate in there. But I do give kudos to you @winnyace taking it on though.

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I second this - Humanity has thrived for… let’s say “recreational activities” like forever. Drug usage, Meditation or likewise are thousands of years old habits, and there is absolutely nothing bad about this. Games are just the newest thing to accomplish this, that’s all.

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A hobby by definition is something you spend time and money on and never get either back. Games are a hobby.

Is it worthless? Yup. Is it a fun thing millions do? Yup.


That’s a good point. . . maybe something I’m missing is down there in the bottom. . .


i’ll get a glass and help look :grin:

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That reminds me of this.


I Raise you this :rofl:



I wouldn’t even say it’s worthless.
It’s not gonna make you a “better” person - but then watching movies, reading books, and all that is worthless.

Video games are less worthless than reading books?!?


I didn’t say “less worthless”. I said they are both hobbies.
Why would be reading a novel much more worthy than playing a story game, for example? They are both there to entertain you.

Everything here is pointless and a waste of time except breathing and eating. Man is an animal like any other no matter how important and superior he thinks he is.

Pro tip: Do what you enjoy, everything only lasts for a little while. All else is waste of your time.


I think gaming is a positive testament to the human brain. It has an innate horror vacui. It suffers so badly, that even a 15-minute wait at the dentist in unbearable. The dentist waiting room needs to be filled with magazines, to occupy the brain for those few minutes.

Even when it wants to relax, recreate and have a break, as in gaming, it needs to be constantly problem solving.

We had a nice evening, time to go home. We don’t have to make it into the local news tomorrow. grabs arm

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There is so much incredible value in reading. Especially history. The lack of reading today is why we’re repeating historical failures, and why so many people don’t know the value of why things are today. Reading is incredibly valuable, one of the most important things you can do in your entire life, for yourself and for those around you.

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I would argue that even breathing and eating are a waste of time since we end up dying regardless.

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I think:
A subjective question requires a subjective answer. Any answer to the question of anything being “worthless” would be an opinion, and stating it as an absolute is improper unless prefaced with, “I think”, or, “In my opinion”. There is no absolute answer to that question. (In my opinion :+1:)

…and by extension, asking a subjective question and expecting an absolute answer could be deemed as improper also…

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