Is anyone using Wayland on Plasma

Just wondering if any KDE Plasma users out there are running Wayland. If so what is your experience and what is the hardware. What are the issues you find?


I have been running it for well over a good year now, on an old Latitude E6500. It has its flaws, though. For example I cannot see which localle I am in, in the system tray. Or, it is not compatible with a couple of apps I use (viber, gsmartcontrol). Not a deal breaker for me to switch to x11, though.

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Genuine question, why bother? I may not fully understand, but isn’t Wayland all about pluming? So from a user perspective Is there anything I would gain by switching?
To me it looks a bit like IPv6, 99% of users won’t gain anything from switching over.

The Stable release of Wayland was 7 days ago so I’m just curious as it has been around since 2008.

It is not an issue on the side of Wayland. It is that not enough work & effort has been spared by developers into porting their staff in the Wayland platform.

It seems that it is being used on Gnome a fair bit and KDE Plasma and Enlightenment. It’s default on a lot of Gnome.

Thats(gnomes lead) because of Fedora & Red Had behind it.


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