Is a systemd upgrade supposed to trigger a dracut rebuild?

some background: I have two machines, a Desktop running vanilla Arch, systemd-boot, and mkinitcpio. I also have a Laptop running EndeavourOS, systemd-boot, and dracut.

So this morning there was an update to systemd and I updated both machines. On my Arch machine, the update to systemd triggered mkinitcpio, which I think is normal, and it’s always done this, unless I’m misremembering.

I noticed, however, that the systemd update did not trigger dracut on my EOS device.

So I guess my questions are: is this normal/intentional? Do I have something misconfigured?

Also, is it a problem if the version of systemd in the initrd is older than the version on the system? I did some googling of this issue and I found some people saying this is okay, and that systemd can handle it, but the information was overall sparse and vague.

I examined the pacman hooks (in /usr/share/libalpm/hooks) on both machines. I didn’t find any explicit references to systemd on the EOS machine, but oddly enough, I didn’t see any on the Arch machine either, although I can confirm that systemd package upgrades do trigger mkinitcpio in the latter case. Although I admit it’s possible i’m misunderstanding what’s going on!

Should I just not worry?

For mkinitcpio, the systemd package installs initcpio hooks which triggers a rebuild.

For dracut, there is nothing like this. I am not currently triggering a rebuild when systemd updates. I don’t think there is a need to do this but it would be possible to do so if it was required.

So, in summary, yes, it is intentional.

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Okay. I kinda assumed rebuilds weren’t necessary, and that’s what I wanted to hear. As long as nothing is misconfigured on my end, i’m satisfied.

Thanks for your quick reply and hard work in general.

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