Is a line of text missing in application_defaults?

Is a line of text missing in ~/.config/sway/config.d/application_defaults just above line #15 which has for_window [app_id="xed"] focus? I’m seeing this in both the Atlantis Sway CE release and in this GitHub page.


feel free to do a Pull Request as this is a Community Edition everyone is part of its maintainment and development here :wink:
And yes a xed is installed it would be legit to set it as default editor.

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What you think is missing? An configuration or just like a title.

It’s just that the lines above had workspaces assigned. This particular one didn’t.

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Oh right. I don’t think we want ‘xed’ to have workspace because it’s a text editor and you want it open up where you want it to.

I just left a line to separate the fact I’m not assigning a workspace to it.


Okay! Looks like I need to use xed --new-window rather than plain xed if I want xed to open in the current workspace!

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