Internal drive

My next problem.
My pc has a 500gb main drive and a 1tb secondary drive, both internal.
When I login no problems accessing anything on the main drive, but to access the secondary drive I have to enter a password again.
In itself not a major issue.
However, I store my library of e books on the secondary drive and get told by the book reader that I don’t have access to it.
I’ve tried backing up the secondary drive and reformatting it using gparted, but the issue continues.
My only other idea is to backup to an external drive and then use boot & nuke to scrub everything, then starting from scratch.
Unless that is anyone can suggest an easier method?

that`s simple… it is owned by root so it will ask for password on using it.

Depending on used Desktop Environment filebrowser to access as normal user or use tools like gnome-disks or manually add it to your fstab as default drive, and change owner…

some info here:

Thanks joekamprad. Never used chown before, but it works.
Now need to try adding the drive to fstab so I don’t have to login to it, but you’ve given me enough information on how to start looking

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Ok, so after a couple of days, things back as before.
Chown makes no difference and checking the permissions also allows change to read/ write but then immediately flips back to read only :disappointed: