Internal BTRFS SSD Fails to Mount.. Occasionally

I have two disks in my system, both NVME SSDs with BTRFS. Occasionally, the storage SSD will not mount on startup; I notice when KTorrent spawns a bunch of popups about torrent locations not being available. Upon restart, both disks will usually mount successfully. Any ideas as to why this might be and /or how I could go about fixing it?

When it fails to mount you should check the logs and see why it failed.

I would also check the status of the disk. It could be a sign of failing hardware.

Running sudo journalctl | grep "/mnt/d" returns (most recently) a series of

Unmounting /mnt/d...
Unmounted /mnt/d.
Mounting /mnt/d...
Mounted /mnt/d.
Unmounting /mnt/d...

messages. Should I be looking somewhere else? The SMART status of the drive is good in KDE Partition Manager.

Edit, additional info: grep -R mount * in /var/log returns a load of entries from pacman and timeshift.

I noticed that in my fstab file, the disk that has trouble mounting was the only one that didn’t use its UUID, and had “auto” specified for its filesystem. I updated fstab to contain the UUID & specified “BTRFS” for the filesystem; mount was successful on reboot - looking forward to seeing if the mount issue reoccurs over time.