Interesting. Market share talk

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700% of what? A fraction of the 2% market share for desktop linux. It won’t give linux desktop more than 3% of desktop market share finally.

Yes, that’s how percentages work :).
Ubuntu’s growth has made Linux reach over 4% market share in a month.According to the number presented in the video.

And it will fall down back to 2.5% when many people realize they can’t run their favourite windows only software :roll_eyes:

This growth is still unheard of.

Would good idea a hack that your os always says linux even you are running windows… those countere are kinda… Flat :slight_smile: does not tell if its professional or private and how long you run the os daily, mayby you need only for work or one game lol… would be great for dualbooters that your system always running linux :sweat_smile:

I’ve started making a point to make my Steam purchases from Linux even if I might end up playing it in Windows.


Here is what the actual article says:

So, what was the cause of Windows 10’s dip? As Windows Latest points out, the drop in Windows 10 usage during April 2020 corresponds with the global lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With many businesses closing their offices, their employees have been working from home, and often using their own laptops and PCs instead.

Basically, a bunch of business PCs are currently turned off skewing the numbers…

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a Friend of mine is a director of a web company, first he did, Removed all windows in the company replaces by linux of there own choice. :slight_smile:


I did the same and now we’re at the point we don’t need MS at all.

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