Interested in what you deem as most important to have on your system

Ok - so like the header say - I’m interested in what you guys “must” have on your system. So what is the first - let’s say 10 - things you install on a clean fresh system?

For me it is these - the order is irrelevant tho
1 tmux can’t live without it
2 pachist try it and you’ll learn to appreciate it
3 termite great terminal
4 weechat IRC so I can chat with ppl
5 Opera browser with built-in vpn
6 Transmission-cli got to have those torrents
7 htop monitoring the system
8 slurm monitoring rx and tx on the network
9 redshift for my eyes I have it on a time schedule

10 GohuFont or Anka/Coder one of these would do (nice fonts are important)

I could manage with only these programs - it would be boring - but it would be doable. A program like pachist is very underated IMHO - it’s a great way to keep track on what you have installed and removed on your system - with version numbers and all. Great to have if you ever have to roll back a package.

So what 10 things are the most important to you and the absolute first you install?


For me it’s these:

LibreOffice - without it I can’t work
ttf-ms-fonts - to interact better with the MS Office users
Timeshift - for that rare time I click on update and my system breaks 15 min. before a presentation.
Telegram - to maintain my contacts.
MPV - I use it intensively for work to show video’s
Clamav - So I don’t transfer a Windows virus to family, friends and colleagues.


I guess the OS = Arch/EndeavourOS + Window Manager (Plasma in my case) is a given? :slight_smile:

  1. Firefox: A browser is the most important app for me. And FF is the only “big” browser left which protects my privacy (with the help of plugins like uBlock Origin)
  2. Thunderbird: Email is still my most important means to communicate, tried KMail multiple times, still unusable for me.
  3. Virtualbox: Because some of my work is on Windows
  4. Signal: For all my personal communication
  5. Skype: For business/team communication
  6. KeePassXC: Would be lost without it
  7. Cryptomator: Allows me to use the cloud without losing my privacy
  8. Onedrive aBraunegg: I use the cloud as Archive and to move stuff between devices, e.g. the Keepass DB. Together with #7 I am able to use the cloud without privacy concerns. And it’s Onedrive because it’s the cheapest offer per GB I can find. They even throw in an office package :slight_smile:

There’s plenty of other stuff I use frequently, Kate, Konsole, etc. but I could replace them with equivalent apps without running into bigger problems.


Always at minimum:

Firefox _browser
Thunderbird - email client


hello, what do you put on plasma, thank you

Is your question in regards to this?

If so I am not sure I understand :slight_smile:
KDE Plasma is my Window Manager and I run all the apps I listed (+ more) from Plasma

that’s exciting :rofl:

kde plasma

no one here use Tutanota or Proton for mail?
I’ve used tutanota since they started - first with the free option which is great by itself but the last two years I’ve paid for it. It’s a great service and now with a claendar too. That was my last Google thingy Gcal.

Plasma by itself doesn’t include mcuh though. I isntalled a minimal Plasma for a friend and all he got was konsole and Firefox. The rest he had to install - yeah krunner and a couple of other tools were included

For me is LXQT or XFCE or just LXQT+XFWM4

discord ( for occasion not always)

Most time is libreoffice


games i play is mostly megagles 0ad and aislerot (freecell) or ltris
virtualbox for some iso play
chromium & firefox

as standard gimp ^ ^

not pretty special here :slight_smile:


dolphin tho - it’s by far the best file manager there is in Linux. And that’s coming from me who freakin hate anything KDE related. But Dolphin they really did right

Depending on the DE or WM:

some Keepass Client
openVPN-Client (for work)
RDP-Manager (for work)
some Filemanager (if not part of the DE/WM)

I backup important files in my Nextcloud, so no need for a backup-solution. EOS is installed quick. :wink: To make it clear, this is my private notebook. At work i sadly have to use a Win10-notebook and much more tools.

@anon77235960 I use the paid version of Tutanota, but the client is only on my phone. On my notebook I just use the browser.

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My issue with email is that I seem to be the only one on this planet which is fully set up with PGP and S/MIME :slight_smile:
If everyone would use this there wouldn’t be a need for the likes of Proton I guess?

In any case, I use Slack in business but whenever a password or similar personal/confidential stuff needs to be transferred we revert to encrypted email. With PGP the email provider isn’t relevant any longer.
Very rarely I get an encrypted email from someone else…

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I have it on oth the phone and all my laptops. The negative thing with the desktop client is that it’s an electron app. Other than that it works very fine

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This actually happened, before I knew of the existence of Timeshift. It was 30 minutes before a presentation and the Antergos forum didn’t have any mention on someone with the same error. (two hours later, there was a big thread)
Luckily back then, I had Voyager installed next to Antergos and the presentation was stored in the cloud.

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It’s in moments like those you really feel alive :rofl


I am paranoid when it comes to this, other than making sure the slides work I won’t touch my laptop on the day of a presentation.
Still remember the 1000 people pitch with the presentation laptop freezing as I walked up the stage.
Shoes full of sweat is all remember. :slight_smile:

A Windows laptop obviously :smile:


That happened to me also and it was on a day that my then supervisor was there to evaluate me. The t-shirt I wore under my shirt was soaking.:joy: I can laugh about it now, but back then…


There’s an old programmer’s saying: The higher up the higher ups watching the presentation, the higher the probability that something will go wrong.

For me the must haves are:

Latte Dock
Android Studio
Thermald (since a day or two ago)
Stone Soup
Calligra (for preference) or LibreOffice


I have Xfce, for me the best DE to work:

1 Firefox: with all the cool addons
2 Thunderbird: for email
3 Virtualbox: i like to try new ISOs from Distrowatch and I need Win :face_with_raised_eyebrow: for my running watch
4 TeamViewer: to connect with other PCs (maybe i will switch to anydesk)
5 Spotify: listen to music
6 Timeshift: I don´t like, when my system breaks, but then it goes faster back to the running system
7 KeePassXC: to manage my passwords
8 BalenaEtcher: to install ISO on USB
9 Redshift: is good for my eyes at night
10 Dropbox: my cloud storage