Intel users should install the first coming updates for Intel microcode and Kernel without delay

Today a new variant of ZombieLoad was all over the news and it affects all Intel CPU’s including the newer ones.

The three new security vulnerabilities are CVE-2018-12207 (Machine Check Error on Page Size Change), CVE-2019-11135 (TSX Asynchronous Abort), as well as CVE-2019-0155 and CVE-2019-0154 (i915 graphics driver-related vulnerabilities).

The vulnerabilities are patched in the Kernel today. Red Hat already released these patched Kernels and Arch should follow very soon.

You can read more on the new variant of ZombieLoad on Discovery.


Thanks for the heads up.

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that’s why kernel 5.3.11 is out today,like the intel code 20191112-1

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You’re using a very fast mirror, thanks for the update.

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I am in testing on two pcs

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My LTS kernel updated earlier today. :white_check_mark:

Another Intel vulnerability, hmm? Is it that time of the month already? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Seriously, though, I would jump ship to AMD if I could afford it.