Intel in talks to acquire RISC-V firm SiFive for $2 billion

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This is good I think. It pushes adoption rate for RISC-V, the open source CPU architecture. If RISC sees more exposure and more software written for it, it should open up possibilities for small players too. This tech needs someone big to push it forward first.

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Yeah…It also would close anything good about the whole thing, if that happens - expect stuff like Intel Management Engine, instead of cool open-source stuff.


Intel didn’t buy RISC-V. Just a company developing solutions based on it.
The architecture still remains open-source. Sure their product might be closed and in line with their philosophy. But the attention given to the platform itself would bring in more power to players looking for an open source alternative to ARM. Embrace Extend Extinguish doesn’t sound likely here. Intel needs something quick and with long-term potential to counter ARM and replace the x86 architecture.

I’m kind of in two minds about this. On the one hand it could be good for RISC-V. On the other, Intel could decide to snuff out the current market leader for RISC-V, setting progress back a few years. I’m hopeful for the former. I’m not sure the latter would be cost effective. Anyhow, lets be positive. I’d be super up for a Intel RISC-V NUC.

Also, I can have a love-hate opinion about this.
It could push the progress, it could simply obfuscate their relevance.
Sadly, we are just some nerds talking, some others players will decide whatever and we are simply bystanders.