Intel graphics take priority over Nvidia graphics

Not really sure what’s going on here. In the past I’ve been able to install Nvidia’s drivers and it would take priority over Intel/Mesa, but on my latest installation it seems that no matter what I do Intel will always be prioritized. I’ve tried blacklisting Intel in modprobe.d, enabling drm in grub, and using optimus-manager but so far nothing has worked. Any ideas?

What happens if you set optimus-manager to start up in ‘nvidia’ mode?

After toying around some more, I’ve found that using sudo optimus-manager --switch nvidia then logging out and back in will in fact use Nvidia for rendering. However, setting startup_mode=nvidia in /etc/optimus-manager/optimus-manager.conf as the github page instructs doesn’t actually switch to Nvidia drivers on startup. It would be nice to have this in effect before the display manager loads as well.

If you use optimus-manager-qt, you can right click on tray icon, choose settings and choose Nvidia as the default mode there.

Tried using optimus-manager-qt, and it generated a config file nicely! I believe I’ve figured most issues out, but using nvidia automatically sets my second monitor’s resolution to 1280x1024 (should be 1920x1080). I have xrandr --auto --dpi 96 set to run when lightdm starts; should I just configure my monitors with xrandr or is it possible to make it pick up the right resolution by default?