Intel drivers CPU

Hi, I’m wondering if I need to install any drivers for my Intel CELERON, I am trying to play a game that requires DirectX12, but it says my system does not support DirectX12, even though it does.

Not sure if this relates to the issue?

I’m pretty sure it’s not. And back when I had windows on this device, it said it did support dx12

It just say’s this? Are you playing on a game platform?

In order to mitigate the vulnerability, DirectX 12 capabilities were deprecated.

EDit: Things change every day!

I am using Steam to play the game, Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

Not a gamer but is this on Proton?

I think you have to set custom launch options to use directx 11. Add to launch options


I already tried that, for some reason the game freezes at the eula screen.