Intel 7260 with kernel 5.15 not working any longer

Hello everyone, after updating to Kernel 5.15. the wifi doesn’t come up anymore. Networkmanager shows: device not ready.
ip a shows wlan0, but network is down.
No problem with Kernel 5.10. It looks as if the firmware can’t be loaded. In the firmware directiory are the files iwlwifi-7260-14 and -15.ucode missing.
Happy to get any hint how to get the missing files if this is the reason for the failure at all.

Is this something to do with the latest firmware packaging changes?

I think it is more due to the missing files. Maybe they were just forgotten/lost. :flushed: I wonder were to get them. In the compressed form and if I just can copy them or if they somehow have to be compiled for the running kernel :thinking:

Thanks for your help. Got the solution. The wifi-card is broken! Was wondering, that nobody else seems to have that curious behavier. So I took the 7260 wifi card from a windows :flushed: notebook and - it is working with kernels >5.14. What a strange thing that the mistake only came out with a newer kernel. Sorry for all the bothering.

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