Integrate user_pkgfile in iso?


is it possible to edit an iso to include a prebuilt user_pkgfile?

There is already one in the live iso. Look under liveuser directory.
You could add the packages you want to get installed to that file.


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$ cat user_pkglist.txt 
# Add package names available from repositories (not from AUR) one package-name per line.
# Note: not for offline install.

@manuel, @pebcak, I think the OP is wanting to modify the ISO with their own copy of the file.


@pebcak @manuel
yes I know that, maybe I didn’t express myself clearly enough.

like @dalto say
I would like to edit the ISO, so that the file does not have to be edited in live mode but is already pre-filled as I want it.

So I can automate the “installation” without having to adjust the file each time.


Then you should rebuild the ISO. There are instructions at the development site
The file is here:


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