Installing using a 43 inch TV is not a good experience

Everything is so tiny, it is virtually unusable, eventually managed to open systemsettings and change scale, but hard work!!

Online install failed will post logs, trying off-line now.

Shrank windows, used replace partition on empty space.


Offline also failed, was not online (thought I was, UI too small to read) so no logs.

Trying again, with grub this time.

It looks like you tried to use exfat for your /efi partition.

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Do I need to manually partition?

Grub worked…

You don’t need to manually partition, but you may need to make sure the correct partition is selected in the ESP dropdown depending on which option you chase.

Welcome has the option to set display size, and kde-settings have scaling options.
TV-displays are problematic for autoscaling.

Everything was so tiny, I couldn’t even see the first option, I used the second route, it was still not easy :smiley:

I see the same on hidpi display i just got a 2880x1800 and needed to scale 200% to be able to use it. Still an issue in general.

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It can be started in a terminal with command


if that helps with the display.

at least you can type that blindly in a terminal… as long as you can locate the terminal icon on the panel :wink:

But i bet:

Ctrl+Alt+T and when terminal open you can use Ctrl++++++ to size up the terminal font…