Installing Plasma 20

Anyone have any idea on how I can install Plasma 20 beta on to my existing install. I added the kde-unstable mirror but it’s still on Plasma 19. I added the testing repositories as well and that didn’t do anything.
I just like using the newest things, probably why I use Arch!


It’s the 5.20.0 beta that list as 5.19.90 in Info Center. Can you please tell us where you added the repository?


the pacman/etc/conf file
Is Plasma 19.90 plasma 20?

In that case I do have plasma 20 beta
Thank You very much. I just thought It’d be called plasma.20

You do not have plasma 20. There is no Plasma 20. So in your case if you have the beta installed you have 5.19.90.

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Just to confirm, “Plasma 20” doesn’t exist. Plasma 5.20, on the other hand, will exist:

Notice that the 5.20 beta is versioned as 5.19.90.


How have you been doing with EOS “testing” repos and with new Plasma 5.20 so far? Any problems to fix before I throw into Arch Testing experience ? Please share.

For the most part good here. Biggest thing is system / notification sounds being dropped to 40% from 150% after a reboot, but not sure if it’s a Plasma or Pulse issue. Pretty happy with the Plasma beta and the overall performance of the OS.

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The actual 5.20 dropped today so no need of the beta.

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There’s no major problems.

-There is bug in window decorations that means when I click onto breeze WD it doesn’t change or it changes into the WD the global theme holds

-I’m not sure if this anything to do with plasma but latte-dock seeming random boy stops working in the way that I can’t click onto the icons

-Also the kwin script force blur causes problems over latte’s own blur and it affects other apps which do the same thing. It blurs not the background but the objects too.

  • There’s always some glitch with kwin and the window decorations
    Eg: scripts not working, (blur) on startup unless I reboot it manually
    Eg: window decorations not working when touching edge of screen
    (If I’m right windows decorations are part of Kwin right?)

I have reported these as well don’t worry. Overall it’s a pleasant experience.

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It’s why there is normally 1 or 2 point releases AFTER the official release with Plasma to address those things that did slip through. To be completely honest KDE is pretty good about fixing Plasma problems.