Installing Nvidia hybrid

Hi All. I am trying to install EOS on another laptop that uses Nvidia optimus. When I went to select Nvidia, on the right it has a warning not to install this for hybrid cards. I dint mind using Nvidia all the time, should I select it or is there another way around it?

It will depend on the specific hardware - every laptop configuration is different.

However, if you have a card which is compatible with the 450xx driver then things should “just work” - the iGPU will be used by default, and then you can use e.g. prime-run to use the dGPU.

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I have the GTX970, do I select the Nvidia selection on the install screen?

I checked and it is compatible, so I went without selecting the Nvidia drivers.
Worse case, I’ll just reinstall.

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It will probably run on Nouveau when it installs. Then you can see and decide if you want to install the Nvidia. You can run test with the nvidia-installer-dkms -t

You can also install Bumblebee Or Optimus but read up on this stuff first.


I use to run it with Bumblebee, so I should find my way around it, thanks!

You can run a test with Bumblebee also.

nvidia-installer-dkms -b -t

Just read the wiki as you need to use sudo for the install i think? This is just a test to make sure it will work without errors. Then you drop the -t and install it. Should be straight forward since you have experience with it.


Aside: if the render offload built in to 450xx works I wouldn’t bother with Bumblebee.


There is also a new tool to check the database for your card. It’s all explained on the wiki.