Installing newer apps

Hi I am a newbie to Linux and am new to CLI I am using XFCE and cannot figure out a way to install packages as whenever I try to install a new package the output after downloading packages is Error installing repo packages.


The full output from the terminal might help to determine what could be the issue.

Please provide info on the command you are using and the terminal output.

Do you have network connection?

This might help:

Also you can look at the output of terminal commands

man pacman
man yay

Some basic commands for package management:

sudo pacman -Syu    # update all Arch and EOS packages
yay                 # same as above, and AUR packages

sudo pacman -S "package-name"   # install a package
yay -S "package-name"           # same, supports AUR too

sudo pacman -R "package-name"   # removes a package