Installing ms ttf core fonts

I tried installing ms fonts with:

$ yay -S ttf-ms-fonts

I selected A and it said End and I closed out terminal. But it didn’t install the fonts. What am I doing wrong?

I’m not really sure. I can’t find anyplace to enter an ‘A’ - and nothing I can think of would dump the terminal. When I try this command, it lists a number of possibilities (by number) then asks for your choice - with 1 being the default. Just hit enter along the way until you are asked for your password (for final installation permission), and you will get them installed.


An even more interesting question is…
“why do you want/need ms fonts”?

Don’t forget to reboot or sudo fc-cache to update the font cache.

I have been reading ms emails & attachments for some 20 years on Linux without those fonts… I’ve never ha a problem.

There some of the fonts I use but not that important since nobody knows how to install them. I’ve installed them in Manjaro.

It is important if you are opening documents created MS Office and you need them to be an exact match with what you see on Windows.

Certainly not a requirement everyone has but for those that do it is fairly important.


I never had that issue arise… in 20 years. What can I say. I’m sure you’re right. Must be my clients just all did simple stuff. :wink:

One job I had required this - but somewhat in reverse. Exact matches were needed whenever possible - and finding Mac fonts for the PC was sometimes a challenge. Often enough the font name was easier to find than the results required! We had to match them, because we running large mailings, and the things we were mailing were created by corporate ‘art’ departments- and they had an unfortunately fondness for Macs. Macs, however, didn’t have fondness for 21 million item databases - or driving BIG printers!


Did you get it installed, yes or no? Because it does install if you just hit enter after the two questions you’re asked. (that solution has been handed to you twice before.)
I have it installed over here and I use it on my work machine heavilyon both email and LibreOffice, since I receive a lot of MS Office documents from clients.

Are you referring to the section where you are asked to choose Packages to Clean Build? Same goes for “Diffs to show” section unless you want to inspect the package.


If yes, just enter through. A=All so it will rebuild all the packages. Did you hit Ab in error?

Normally when you install a font package it will do that for you.

Sorry, thank you @anon61101858 . Learned something new. I always rebuild the font cache–I guess old, leftover habits from debian days.

You also need those if you want to run windows programms using wine. If you don’t have them installed the display is most likely screwed up.

I only drink ‘wine’ … to my mind Windows should only be allowed to run in VBox. :wink:

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Accoring to my experience (and your nickname) it can be quite useful sometimes. :wink:

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Genau… stimmt.

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