Installing latest EOS ISO

I’ve installed KDE with the latest endeavouros-2020.09.20-x86_64.iso. The installation process is so much quicker than the July version. It now only took 16 minutes (including manual partitioning), comparing to about 1 hour last time. Great work! :+1:

I also noticed a specific inxi build. Very nice!


Yes the dev’s here are pretty amazing. Remember they did this AND the ARM release at the same time :crazy_face:


i did notice a problem with xconf though when i went to use the liveusb.

Specifically i used the live usb to access my pc’s nvme drive to edit my fstab files on my installed distros (and yes i know this isnt the proper way to do it but) when i accessed the drives and tried to sudo (my editor) /path/to/fstab the terminal spat out a xconf config error and so i had to get another distros liveusb to go in and edit those files. just fyi. otherwise it seemed really great on my test drive.

im going to guess the difference in time mentioned above to install had to do with downloading files off the internet vs installing strictly from the live usb. I cant remember the last time an install took even 15 minutes for endeavor or any liveusb install…

Offline installation maybe needs about 5 minutes. But only XFCE can do offline. I use KDE or Gnome (occasionally), so have to do online installation.

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