Installing Fog. "sudo -i" and "su -" dont work

… so because the program is slightly old, the operating system famed for still supporting 386 and 486 processors wont work?

I dont think this is the awnser either, TBH.

I’m just gonna go download Cent and it’ll work first try.

no. if you you folks would have read my messages instead of spouting the same trash, you would have seen i flat out logged into root to prove it wasnt an issue of me not knowing how to sudo or su.

Like i said, i’ll just go grab cent.

notifications now off.


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My opinion:
You can keep your anger to yourself, and in the future, when seeking help here, provide more detailed info from the start.

Thank you, and bye bye… :sneezing_face:


Ivan I’m not sure how additional information would have helped answers such as:

Is Sudo installed?
Try running su -i or Sudo -
Are you in the correct directory?

Of course I’m going to get very frustrated, man.

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Read your first post again (if not overly edited to your liking afterwards), man.

Btw. did you ever read this book?

If not, I can dearly recommend it to you. :wink:


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I took a look at the script. The issue is that it has a poorly written check for root.

If you want to run it. You need to edit the script.

That being said, I personally would not run a giant nested script like that as root when the root check itself if broken. If you want to install it, I would install it in a VM.

Sure, it is this nonsense:

which useradd >/dev/null 2>&1
if [[ $? -eq 1 || $(echo $PATH | grep -o "sbin" | wc -l) -lt 2 ]]; then
    echo "Please switch to a proper root environment to run the installer!"
    echo "Use 'sudo -i' or 'su -' (skip the ' and note the hyphen at the end"
    echo "of the su command as it is important to load root's environment)."
    exit 1
[[ $(echo $PATH | grep -o "sbin" | wc -l) -lt 2 ]]

This will always fail, no matter what. :rofl:
Unless PATH is multiline :face_with_head_bandage: .


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