Installing endeavouros

Hi i install endeavouros i3 in my nvme and i send the /home to another disk (ssd). My nvme somthing’s wrong with it and i change it, How can i install endeavouros i3 again and keep my home.

The safest way would be to install it to the other disk(the one without /home).

Then after you install you can switch to your original /home.

Alternatively, you can use manual partitioning and point it at your /home. Just be very, very careful not to select the format option on that partition. There is a risk when using this method that some of the user config will get overwritten with the defaults.

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yes how cani switch to my original /home and after i make the switsh i will still have my programs or i need to install evrything again (but i will have the config’s)?

A tip: it is a good idea to backup your /home before doing anything else. That way you won’t lose anything precious.

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Add it to /etc/fstab

If you don’t know how to do that. After you install, post the output of the following command and we can help you

lsblk -o name,type,fstype,size,mountpoint,uuid

You will need to reinstall the applications but the config should still be in your home directory.

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