Installing EndeavourOS on imac

I’m trying to install EndeavourOS on my 2010 mid imac, though when I try to install the default and fallback install it does some commands and softlocks into a black screen.

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I have two Macs of comparable age running Linux, however both refuse to have EnOS installed with the same symptoms you describe.

Some info was collected in this thread:

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I’m thinking maybe the installer only has to be 32 bit while it installs the 64 bit, or find out a way to update the bios to 64 bit which may be dangerous since the bios is a core part of any pc.

Not true. With Apple, Bios (or firmware) updates come together with OS-Updates.

My iMac, which is late 2009 already has a 64 bit EFI bios (or firmware). It is running on MacOS 10.13 (HighSierra).

Your iMac (mid 2010), if it is updated to the latest supported MacOS version should also have a 64 bit EFI bios installed, per se, since only earlier Macs did come with 32 bit EFI. - Also see this list from EveryMac:
Which Intel Macs have 64-bit processors? Which have a 64-bit EFI? Which are capable of booting MacOS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” in 64-bit mode?