Installing EndeavourOS for UEFI system - boot partition

So on a UEFI system I want to install EndeavourOS. I believe that I have to create a boot partition with around 300 MB of size, and it has to be formatted to fat 32 and it has to be mounted as /boot/efi?

But for the flags section I am presented with 2 options, either I can set the flags to boot or grub-bios. Which one do I use or do I use both?

before there was esp flag but this one is merged with boot flag so now use only boot flag for the efi fat32 partition.
If you are dualbooting with windows you should have this efi fat32 partition already, and then you must only set the mount point for this and do not formatting it ! It will then add an boot entry for EndeavourOS to the one from Windows.