Installing endeavour alongside 2 windows drives

I’m an Ubuntu user and I’d like to change to EndeavourOS. I currently dual-boot with Windows 10 and 11, each on separate drives, I also use ubuntu on another third drive. I’d like to install EndeavourOS on a new partition within the Windows 11 drive. My concern is that Windows has a that blue boot screen when there are multiple Windows installations on the same machine. Will installing EndeavourOS on this partition affect this Windows boot screen or the overall boot process?

I’ve never had multiple versions of Windows installed so I’m not familiar with the screen you are referring to. If you have Ubuntu already installed i would have thought that the boot is contriolled by grub or systemd-boot if that’s what Ubuntu is using.

If you install endeavourOS i would think the boot menu would be either systemd-boot or grub via what you choose.

Could you use your EnOS’ live usb and post the output of the following commands so we can have somewhat better idea of your set up?

sudo parted -l


Also, generally speaking, installing in UEFI mode, the bootloader from the new installation should not, in principle, interfere with other bootloaders installed even if they use one and the same ESP (EFI System Partition).

To eliminate any possibility of such interference, you could create a separate ESP for the new install. That is, by the way, I believe what EnOS’ installer does if you choose systemd-boot.

In your scenario, personally, I would opt for a separate ESP and Grub. If you choose systemd-boot, you might be in for some tweaking in order to get the boot entries from all your installed systems on the boot menu. With Grub, this should not be the case.

Why not installing on the same drive with Ubuntu after freeing enough space from the Ubuntu partition?

Note that by default EOS installs systemd-boot instead of grub, and it needs a larger ESP partition, about 1GB. You can select grub instead.

I would also use grub and install eos on a separate drive. I’d probably also ditch ubuntu! :laughing:

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