Installer wishlist

Couldn’t agree more!

raid0 - wow, living on the edge … :sunglasses:
Never had the nerve to actually implement this beyond some testing; but I guess a steam library can always be re-downloaded.

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Indeed, that’s what I meant.

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I also answered the question from the perspective of a person coming from Windows or MacOS. I do realize that btrfs can be done manually before the user commits to installation. I was going to use btrfs, however I don’t have a use for it at the present time. And I wasn’t sure if ‘all the bugs’ have been worked out or not.

The outcome of this poll and the discussion followed by it, is very useful feedback for us. Thank you all who participated in this thread.

The intention of this thread has a two-way purpose. One, what if we have to redo our work with the new rewritten Calamares version. (And this is a big if, because the chances will be big that the transition is going to be quite seemlessly)
Two, we also wanted to take the opportunity to see what your opinions are on the direction we took.

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to be the new Manjaro, Arco or any other distro and stash the distro with a lot of (unneeded) features, this poll was just to see what your thoughts were on Endeavour, so there aren’t going to be major changes with the upcoming release.

We are going to look into the choice of kernel in the installer seriously.


Great poll. :+1:t2:

I’ve just found that I can’t install Endeavour on the main pc (Ryzen 7 3800X, Radeon RX5700XT):
Laptop no problem (Ryzen 5 with RX560), but I’m not sure if my main pc just doesn’t get on with some extra/video drivers, but it works fine within the live ISO, and with solely the AMD/ATI driver when using Anarchy, so my wishlist would be:

*choice of video driver
*choice of kernel
*choice of login manager


unrar could probably be added to the default base installation, to make the Archive Manager more capable out-of-the-box?


Keep Deepin…Using on both my laptop and desktop computers…A tad quirky at times, but all in all, an excellent desktop environment…This stuff is fun…Peace and Health


i dont use Deepin, but i think its a good idea, if the users know some troubleshooting in current desktop, to point on a single point, mayby it can link it.

Deepin is not broken. There are some bugs, but they are (mostly) minor and cosmetic. That’s what I experience anyway.
Maybe there just should be a warning in the online installer that it is beta software? So those that choose it are prepared to deal with possible issues.


I would like default xfce removed , so the installer ISO would be smaller for download.
Find if xfce is the preferred desktop environment. If not remove from ISO.

Xfce is the flagship of EndeavourOS themed. I don’t think it should be removed. The ISO is not that large and i don’t see what difference that makes. If it was over 4 GB which some ISO’s are maybe. I would rather see Deepin removed. It has way too many issues and functions that do not work. Xfce is golden!


If you remove xfce the size would not change that much. If you change calamarez change with any other tui tou see atleast almost half difference of iso size.

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All the DE options in the online installer aren’t installed on the ISO, those will be fetched during install. So adding or removing one of them won’t influence the ISO size.


I agree with @Tasia91. Deepin has it’s quirks but far from broken. I should say though that one should not overlook the amount of work that has been done by a small team to port this over to arch Linux.


It’s definitely getting better. Two things that need fixed right now is the multitasking and the minimize maximize only work once with window effects on. Then you have to click on the docked app to make it maximize or minimize as the - won’t work more than once. You need window effects for multitasking to work but it doesn’t work.

What frustrated me the most is the freezing my whole system. That i couldn’t live with but it seems to be okay now. Htop seems to be working now also.

Edit: I’m not saying to remove it. I was just making a point that if i had a choice of removing something to use less space it wouldn’t be Xfce.

I think @vmclark meant that he doesn’t like that xfce is included in the ISO by default. Which is not the case for Deepin or any other DE.

I thought it was only included in the offline install by default. It is certainly easy to install without it - 1 click in the online version :grin: that way you can have an experience even closer to Arch ‘bare metal’.

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I think i understand what he meant but i don’t understand why the size of the ISO matters that much because it isn’t that big anyway. I don’t think anything needs to be removed really at this stage unless the powers to be decide that for some reason it’s necessary.


Besides, if it was removed from the ISO how would we use live usb without a DE? :thinking: Maybe I just don’t understand something…

@ricklinux, I agree. There’s hardly any other sensible choice that would be lighter than xfce.