Installer supporting Btrfs + LVM on LUks2 with swap hibernation when?

Hell all,

I have been trying few days to make the install of EndeavourOS with Btrfs on LVM on Luks2.
It has been a hard process

  1. beginning by EndeavourOS at minimal setup with Btrfs support without luks + swap hibernation (check the btrfs subvolume)
  2. Copy all the @root subvolume of EndeavourOS in other disk
  3. Reset the root partition installing Arch with Btrfs+LVMonLuks2 + swap hibernation (with a guide) + UEFI Systemd-boot. Swap is in his own logical volume on luks
  4. backup few config files from the Arch install
  • /etc/fstab
  • /etc/hostname
  • /etc/hosts
  • /etc/locale.conf
  • /etc/locale.gen
  • /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
  • /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf
  • /etc/systemd/network/
  • /etc/vconsole.conf
  • /boot/loader/loader.conf
  • /boot/loader/entries/endeavouros.conf
  1. Reset of @root subvolume Arch install by removing all file
  2. Copy all files from EndeavourOS previous install
  3. Copy the few config files from backup on @root partition in original place
  4. check all about lvm/btrfs logical volume/subvolume and check all in reference with what you have in fstab (from Arch install). Same for the bootloader entries config file (/boot/loader/entries/endeavouros.conf) withe uuid of the encrypted root and swap partitions.

And all has started normally