Installer - Input Signal Out of Range Change setting to 1024x768 - 60Hz

I show You how I started graphical install :sunglasses: maybe helpfull for someone.

  1. I booted live iso, and choosed NVIDIA compatibility. There is never drivers 525.89.02-2 which don’t support NVIDIA GeForce GT 720

  2. Alt + Ctrl + F2 to log on another console TTY - login liveuser without password.

3. yay -S nvidia-470xx-dkms nvidia-470xx-utils
4. sudo nvidia-modprove
5. sudo nvidia-xconfig
6. startx

Now you have graphical interface, and you can install the system !

After install you need to reinstall graphic drivers and make a config. Builded packahes from yay, You can find in /home/your_login/.cache/ the best way to copy it and install by sudo pacman -U *

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