Installer Drop-Down Partitions Visual

I’m running the installer and I’ve chosen to replace a partition.

It’s dual boot windows 10 under SDA2.

I’ve selected to replace Manjaro with Endeavour.

Now At the bottom, it has the drop-down menu that I feel like doesn’t show the full lines of the partition names. I can’t tell which partition is which. Last thing. I don’t remember I if I set EFI for Manjaro to SDA 1 or SDA 3(I’ll be looking back at the Manjaro Forums because I think I was getting advice on how to set up partitions to set up the Home drive in its own partition).

EDIT: I’m pretty positive the EFI partition is SDA 3 after looking through my notes and the Manjaro Forum.

The Windows MBR is located on another hard drive(Long story, but related to OEM being tied to that hard drive, I’m not worry about resolving that).

I’ve attached a picture showing the drop-down menu. Sorry I had to take the picture with my cell phone.

EDIT2: Maybe I should have stated what I’m asking, what is the SDA 3 EFI partition in the Drop-Down? I can’t tell.


Hello @mdoverl
You are wanting to replace a partition which you have manjaro on. So you need to click on the partition that Manjaro is on in the top (Current) view. Then it will show in the bottom ( After) where it will be installing before you proceed. It should automatically find the EFI partition.

Edit: It shows you where it is installed in (Current) Looks like the purple?
Edit2: It also shows /dev/sda5 check box to use for /home for EndeavourOS if that’s what you want?

Make sure you look at it and don’t miss anything.


I just saw “Reuse SDA 5 as home partition for endeavour” and checked that.(Thanks for telling me to look at it again, I would have easily of missed that :vulcan_salute:)

I’m concerned about the drop-down for EFI. I guess if it creates a new EFI I can just delete the Manjaro EFI later on.

I haven’t seen that check box before asking to reuse a partition for home before but it’s been a while since i have used a home partition anyway.

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You don’t have to delete anything. It should be no problem. Sometimes i install and i have a separate EFI with no issue.

Edit: I do have a dual boot with Windows 10 also.

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I just read your notes and you say your EFI is on another drive? I do notice the drop down menu shows /dev/sdb3? I hope that’s not going to cause you any issue. I didn’t notice that it’s not /dev/sda?

Edit: Normally your EFI would be on the same drive as Windows when it is installed.
Edit2: How does it boot now? Does it have the other drive hooked up or is it a usb? Or internal?

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The sda3 in the bottom should be what it’s going to have after also.

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Hope it goes okay for you.

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Note that you can use gparted to see and possibly modify the partitions before installing.


Maybe this is why the Drop Down only shows SDB, because my windows MBR is located on the secondary drive.

Anyways, I didn’t get to installing it last night, busy with the kids and fell asleep earlier. Apparently Endeavour servers are going through maintenance today, so I might wait until tomorrow before I do an install of the OS.

I did use Gparted to remind myself what all the partitions were, it shows more information. I opted to use the installer partition program to make edits for the sake of practice.

Everything went well everyone. I realized after looking at Gparted I realized that SDB was my secondary hard drive and that SDC was the live USB. I opted to manually partition and erased all remnants of Manjaro and create fresh partitions for Endeavour. With the efi drop down only showing SDB/C is left me concerned that something would get messed up if I chose one of those.

I’m not sure what solution I should mark, as I went a direction that didn’t really solve what I initially asked. I believe that manual partition in this instance was the best choice.