Installer cant find modules and fails

I have a desktop that I’ve run in Linux for years:up through Antergos. Everything else I have, I’ve ported over to Enedavouros. On this, I loaded ARCOS: want to move it to EndeavourOS but can’t get the installer to work. The welcome screen goes to Installer, which then looks for 2 Modules, “welcome” and “partition” and after a while can find the first but never finds the second…just keeps spinning.

what ISO and how do you create the Boot Media?
And welcome to the forum :enos:

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I burned endeavoruros-2021.02.02-x86_64.iso to a DVD using K3B, and also tried installing off an older 2020.07.15 that was burned to a DVD, plus onto a USB drive.

The older was successfully installed onto both ah HP Pavilion laptop, and al older ACER Iconia W700 that I’ve been running in various Linux distros.

Did you check the checksums of the DVD?

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Also… there is a new ISO :wink:

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and Xircon:


md5sum: endeavouros-2021.02.03-x86_64.iso: no properly formatted MD5 checksum lines found

I’ll try downolading the new ISO and check it first and try again.