Installer Bug: Partitioning fails with Intel fake RAID BIOS configuraton

Dear EndeavourOS team,

I like your distro approach very much, providing pure “Vanilla” Gnome 3 via the net installer!

This worked nicely for my desktop computer.

But for my notebook (Sony Vaio VPCZ1) it failed, because of

a) Intel fake RAID BIOS configuration. The partitioning of the fake RAID device /dev/md126 failed.

and in addition

b) the location of the GRUB boot loader can not defined manually in your installer GUI.
(must be /dev/md126 necessary in my case. RAID device do not show up)

The Debian BUSTER installer can handle a) and b) without any problems - maybe you can reuse portions of the Debian BUSTER installer code to handle such cases.

Best regards,

Welcome @hppi
I don’t really know how to install with mdadm and create a RAID, but you can start with these links and someone sure to know more about it will soon answer :slight_smile: