Installer 24Dec

I used the latest installer on my Intel NUC5. The offline installer worked fine. The online installer also worked OK but took a long time and was stuck on 60% ‘Installing Packages’ for much longer than I would have expected.

I still don’t understand your advice for partitioning. On a vanilla Arch install I use cfdisk without a problem. For Endeavouros, I did a pre-install partition as you recommend using Gparted for a UEFI install. When I then started the installation, I chose ‘manual’ (as you recommend) and the installer wouldn’t let me proceed. I had to do it all over again. In fact, I chose the ‘Erase’ option and let it set up a grub-type partition which was more or less the same as my preferred systemd-boot partitioning scheme. It all worked well. Why do you suggest doing a partitioning before the install?

the partition manager of calamares has some issues. it can work but wider speak some can have issues with, thats why we say use gparted. on a netinstall it can also take some time, mayby it took a wrong mirror ? that can slow down the speed. because it need internet for stuf even you take a xfce install… you can downsize the install of the net if you know which to uncheck.

the install time from net should do a bit longer becayse offline does not need internet.

I re-installed with the offline version and all went well. I didn’t bother partitioning before the installation and used Gparted during the installation, doing a manual partitioning to my preference. No problem!

There is a small mini-bug that I noticed after the standard set up of xfce4 on my Intel NUC5. When using the applications menu (whisker by default), an extra black block would keep appearing behind the mouse. I found that setting vblank to OFF was the only way to stop it. BTW, that can be done with the now-familiar xfwm4 --vblank=OFF --replace in the terminal or more simply by editing the vblank setting in the ‘Settings > Settings Editor > xfwm4’ menu.