Installed from nowhere winebrowser costs me problems

My system goes unpredictable ways because of winebrowser:
*links from discord does not opens like normally only endless loading winebrowser with notification about some file appears
*links on youtube videos in firefox opens not by but by file:///watch?/code/
How do i restore things old way, uninstall winebrowser with yay?

Yes; you also could have tried it to see.

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True but i still does not know how. What is right command?
package seems named “wine-broswer-installer”


sudo pacman --remove wine-browser-installer


yay --remove wine-browser-installer

The problem seems to be that wine-browser has been set as your default browser. I think the solution, if you do not want to remove wine-browser (I don’t know if it is a required dependency for something using wine), to run

xdg-settings set default-web-browser [browser name]

Alternatively, depending on what desktop environment you’re using, there is perhaps a default application section in the settings application.

In addition to the above,

How did you install it in the first place? That should provide a clue as to how to remove it.

Actually i don’t know( I reload my pc 3 times from that = there no command lines it was pasted and commands as well
(sometimes i have freezes which resolved only with hardware reboot and i don’t know reasons of it because i have it on various distros/ram overclocked a bit, cpy ondervolt by bios option - forgot the name, thats all)

Last things i install was video drivers (actually just trying), so idk why this was installed for the first place
(but OBS continuous say me to update them to use hardware encoding)

I checked applications by default and this is firefox main browser right now.
Also! Pictures now opens (from “open picture source” in discord) in Gwenview.

Can i find some logs of what i was doing with system or not?

Or why i get random freezes??

Hmm? If wine is installed maybe?

Yes, i deleted like txt, links and some others association files. Now only photo-images stay with unpredicted Gwenview opens rather than browser.
(yes it logically correct, but it easier to save them on local drive with browser pop-up)

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