Installazione stampante canon ts7450a

Buonasera a tutti
Ho provato in mille modi ad installare questa stampante ,canon prixma ts7450a ,ma non sono riuscito.

la stampante è su USB. con cups non mi funziona niente, i driver scaricati dal sito ufficiale , non sono stato capace di installarli.
Qualcuno da un aiuto ?

Translation with deepl

Forse si può provare questo pacchetto da AUR:

Installatelo e riavviate il computer, sperando che funzioni.

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Good morning

unfortunately I am not able to install PKGBUILD files
I can’t understand the procedure, until now I have used debian based distributions.
Could you kindly write me the whole procedure.
Thank you

A good pacman reference:

A good place to search for package names

Before installing any new packages use pacman -Syu. According to rosetta, in the the seventh entry down in the Basic Operations sections

Upgrade Packages - Install packages which have an older version already installed `pacman -Syu`

Once you have updated the system, use this to install new packages. According to rosetta in the second entry down in the Basic Operations section

Install package(s) by name 	pacman -S



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Good morning Giordy,

if you just run

yay -S cnijfilter-ts7450series

the installation should run. If you get any errors, just report back here in the forum.

That’s probably what pebcak had in mind.

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I managed to install the printer

yay -S cnijfilter-ts7450series

pacman -S PKCBUILD

all i need is the scanner software .

thank you all

Didn’t that return an error? Something like “package not found”
PKGBUILD is just a file. Let’s say an installing instruction for the package manager software.
It’s not an installable package.

I also use a Canon Pixma printer/scanner. I used to use scangearmp for scanning. But that package from the AUR always made a lot of trouble because of ancient dependencies, as it is not updated by Canon anymore.
Recently I switched to simple-scan. Nowadays that is also working on my old Pixma printer via WiFi and it’s available in the regular repos.

I use simplescan for pdf and xsane with a network printer for photos and other formats

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