I am currently installing endeavour os but I am confused about when to remove the usb. Is it during restart or before restart?

You can restart and remove the usb once you boot into your new system. I do not think it matters.

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Welcome to the community! Which DE did you install xfce? Or another one online install?

The simple and safe way is to shutdown.
Remove usb.

Welcome to Eos! :wave:


KDE. Does it have a problem?

Not really, was just curious… :grin: KDE is great!

The only problem I ran into with KDE was screen sharing using zoom, but then I dont know if you use that functionality or zoom for video conferencing. One trick is to disable desktop effects if you run into that issue. Fn+F12

Thanks for the tip. Its taking a lot of time for installation. I was using manjaro, it was installed within 10min.

Manjaro installs from media. EndeavourOS downloads all the packages and installs them from the internet when you do an online install.


Therefore you get the freshest packages out of the oven!

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Mine installs in 3+ minutes but I’m not bragging! :laughing:


Welcome to the forum, and thanks for giving EndeavourOS a try. I hope you enjoy your time here.


What did it take you 3 min to install EOS :scream:
it took me 7 min :wink:

@ricklinux and I both have quick internet access. Typical EnOS installs run between 3-5 minutes, if you can type fast enough setting passwords etc, and manual partitioning. In my case, fully running system (configured and all normal packages installed (1100 or so) can take up to 20 minutes - mostly because ZFS repos are SLOW!

ahh okay i mean 7 min from when i press install
642 packages after install
about 15 min in total now
before it was 40 min
I’m pretty happy with that
i do auto ext4 ucomment all the package i do not need
sorry EOS i ucomment all EOS package but have installed EOS theme
since I use terminal most of the time
but I thought it’s good that EOS has made its own script to make things easy for people
i have not reinstalled eos since it came out with new version
I have never had problems installing EOS on my laptop
maybe because I do not have the latest laptop :wink:
EOS loves my old hardware
it is fast and solid
sorry bad english

EDIT: sorry I did not see the topic was closed

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The topic is solved but will stay open for 2 days after the last reply :wink:

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