Installation XFCE Theme After Installation

EndeavourOS’ XFCE theme on installation looks really good, I would like to know if, after installing the distro and selecting XFCE as my DE, is the theme still going to be there, or is it going to be something different?

If it does change to something else, is there a way I can use that theme on XFCE? I really love how the DE looks on installation haha

I am not sure I quite follow that.

If you are asking if you do a new install and select xfce will you get the same theme as on the ISO, then “yes”. The theme will be the same as long as you don’t manually deselect the settings package during the install.

If you are asking if you pick a different DE during installation and them manually install xfce then “No” you won’t get the theme unless you do some extra work.


Sorry :joy: That is what I was asking, yes
Thank you!

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