Installation with unencrypted snapshot recovery

Hi people, Is it possible to adapt the installation manual with snapshot recovery but without encrypting the disk?
Thank you very much.
Regards, Juan.

If you mean btrfs snapshots, you can just do a normal install with a btrfs filesystem.

Then add the recovery bits after install.

Also…Welcome to the community!

I have no idea what you mean by this, probably because I am not very clear about the process of creating the snapshot system, so I was looking for something easy to install and then understand how it works, once I have it in my Gnu/Linux.
Thanks for the welcome.

It is actually pretty straightforward with the current installer.

After installing and selecting btrfs as your filesystem if you want to be able to boot off of snapshots, you can follow just a handful of steps.

First run these commands:

yay -Syu timeshift-bin timeshift-autosnap grub-btrfs
sudo systemctl enable --now cronie

Next, open timeshift for the first time. Select btrfs and create your initial setup following the wizard.

Edit /etc/timeshift-autosnap.conf and make sure that updateGrub is set to true

I think that is it.

That should have snapshots taken before every update and they will show up in the grub boot menu.

If you have any questions or hit any snags, just ask.