Installation of Lazarus on 22.6 Artemis

Hi. I’m actually playing a lot around with virtual machines and tried out a dozen of Linux distributions. One thing seems sure: EndeavourOS is fast, seems to run smoother with 2GB RAM than Ubuntu with 4… Using the OS, however, is not so funny. Updating the system failed due to some package integrity (PGP keys) problems, I searched some time, before finding some post with the solution. No scroll back in the terminal - why don’t enable scrollbars by default? For new users, these things make the whole difference.
But back to Lazarus. I installed it using pacman and installation ended with messages that all 7 packages have been installed. Running fpc in the terminal seems ok, too. But, how to start the IDE? On other Linux, where there isn’t some shortcut creation, it may be started in the terminal by “lazarus-ide”. Does not exist on EndeavourOS. I didn’t find any Internet site with information concerning Lazarus on EndeavourOS. On the Arch Linux site, they write about an executable called “startlazarus” to use to start the IDE. However, as for “lazarus-ide”, the file does not exist on Artemis. Is EndeavourOS really special, not intended for people, who normally use MS Windows? Or, is it just some issue with Lazarus? Does someone have tried the installation of Lazarus on EndeavourOS? Or, has someone any idea, what I can try to do to start the IDE? I would be really grateful for help…
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pacman -Ss lazarus

Choose your poison!


P.S. I mean what exact package out of those have you installed?

The desktop file and the startlazarus script are part of lazarus-qt5 and lazarus-gtk2

You should install one of those. Then you can start the program from the launcher like any other GUI program.

Not really. WIndows isn’t really considered one way or the other. Certainly the distro doesn’t exist to make the transition from Windows to Linux easier.

Distros package programs differently. If this is your first time on an Arch-based distro, you may find many things that are different than what you are used to. That is part of the experience when switching to a completely different distro family.

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lazarus on arch using a split package so there is the base with lazarus and depending on if you are on gtk or qt based Desktop you need to choose one of lazarus-gtk2 and lazarus-q5t on XFCE4 p.e. take the gtk2 version to fit the style…

After installing one of them you will be able to see and start them from the menu.

Hi again. Sorry for my late reply, but the only Internet access I have are free Wifi hotspots outside and with the actual rainy weather in Luxembourg…
The problem is solved. Just needed to install lazarus-gtk2. This includes startlazarus, which starts the IDE (all ok, also build of test app) and creates shortcut in “Development”.
Thanks a lot. And (maybe you don’t know), this forum is without any doubt the fastest support site on the Internet…

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